Case Study

Software - Aerospace

Hawthorne, CA

Business Challenge

A major aerospace company in Southern California designs, builds and launches rockets and spaceships to supply the International Space Station and to deliver satellites for their global customer base into orbit.  The very complex design and manufacturing process requires software which is not commercially available and has to be designed and developed in-house.  Even with a large internal technology organization and development capacity it became more and more challenging to satisfy the ever-increasing demand to automate and improve their operations.

ixStrata Solution

The customer turned to ixStrata in 2013 to provide high-end software engineering expertise to work alongside their own teams on-site in Hawthorne.  ixStrata is one of the very few external vendors who was able to provide the talent and expertise to meet their high expectations and has been providing software engineers since 2013.  The addition of the ixStrata engineers has allowed the company to keep up with the ever growing demands and complexity of their manufacturing operations, especially as the number of launches dramatically increased when they introduced their next generation of heavy-lift rockets and successfully added reusable components.  

Case Study - Aerospace on-site software engineering Image Case Study - Aerospace on-site software engineering Image

Business Benefits

By turning to ixStrata for talented and highly skilled software developers, the client was able to dramatically accelerate their delivery of software to the manufacturing teams.  This in turn allowed manufacturing to handle the rapidly increasing manufacturing volume of rockets, engines and spacecraft, and meeting the demands of their clients for satellite deliveries and supply missions to the International Spacestation.

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