Case Study

Software - Internet Startup

New York, NY & Mountain View, CA

Business Challenge

We had developed a full-functioning prototype and initial version of our web application ourselves, but with the inital round of funding in place, we needed to implement a new design, re-architect and ultimately completely rebuild the solution to provide scalability of the system for live production and expansion.

ixStrata Solution

Comment from our client:

We knew that one of the principals (Gerhard) had extensive experience in Real Estate technology and hired ixStrata for architecting and developing the full production platform under the guidance of our CTO.

ixStrata put together a team of software engineers for Java, Groovy and Grails within a short time.  Using agile methodology with two week sprints they helped us turn our intial prototype into a full featured, scalable and high-performance production platform.  We were impressed by ixStrata's speed and high quality delivery, their excellent developers and their responsiveness to our needs. Rollout of the system started in under a year and was in full production within 18 months.  Once we were live and were able to close the next round of venture capital financing, we started to hire our own internal develoeprs and over two years slowly transitioned development.  We could have never could have accomplished the task without ixStrata and their expertise and support.

Case Study - Internet Startup Software Development Image Case Study - Internet Startup Software Development Image

Business Benefits

We have since grown to over 50 employees in multiple locations and are a major provider of real estate leasing information covering key markets in the US. 

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